Digital Citizenship

How to help your students Be Internet Awesome

Family Link Guide for Parents

A guide to setting digital ground rules for your family

Using interland to teach students

Interland is an adventure-packed online game that makes learning about digital safety and citizenship interactive and fun—just like the Internet itself. Here, kids will help their fellow Internauts combat badly behaved hackers, phishers, oversharers, and bullies by practicing the skills they need to be good digital citizens.

Resume building: Digital tools

Want to help your student get a head start on building a strong resume? Check out Google's G-Suite Certification process. Read below for more information!

What is G-Suite Certification?

A professional certification from Google that enables students to demonstrate mastery of G Suite applications such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides for the workplace. Show prospective employers and colleges that your students are fluent in digital collaboration tools.

How should they prepare for the G-Suite Certification?

There are two parts to the exam: a multiple choice section and a performance-based section. In the performance based section, test-takers will be asked to complete a series of tasks imitating job functions.

Multiple resources are available to your students for preparation:

Where is it given and how long does it take?

Exams are taken online, and are administered in a group setting - either in a classroom, library, or computer lab - and should be facilitated by a teacher, librarian, or administrator. Students have 2 hours to complete the exam.

**Please have your student talk to their advisory teacher about setting this up at their school!

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