Internet Options

Resources for Students in Need

Teachers: Do you have a K-12 student in Maricopa County who needs a device or internet service to connect and learn? We have a limited number of WiFi-enabled devices available for students to use for remote learning, and a link to sign up for free internet service for Cox on the forum. Our purpose is to help children in need who do not have a device or service to use to connect to their teachers for learning. If you have a student in need, please visit to join the forum (it's easy!) and access the link to the application for a device.

Cox Information (this will be the best option)

If you cannot work with Cox, please fill out the above form and someone will reach out with more information.

Visit this webpage to see if you qualify for one of these companies.

Here are some low-cost internet options to take a look at:

Cox (www.,

Century link (,

Internet Essentials (

Classes will continue on Google Classroom. For a guide on how to use/access google classroom, click HERE.

*please note, where it says HAZLET in the guide, we are referring to your child's aguafria email address.


Cox Information (esta será la mejor opción)

Si no puede trabajar con Cox, rellene el formulario anterior y alguien se comunicará con más información.

Visita esta página web para ver si calificas para una de estas empresas.

Aquí hay algunas opciones de Internet de bajo costo para echar un vistazo a:

Cox (www.,

Century link (,

Internet Essentials (