Spring Forward

AFUHSD students can earn one original credit through Odysseyware Online in the Spring Forward Session.

We are able to open additional Spring Forward Original Credit opportunities for students this summer, as well as extend classes into July.

If you have not enrolled on the waiting list, follow this link to sign up for Spring Forward Original Credit: https://forms.gle/nNkKDnx4MVRyUZSj9

We are monitoring Odysseyware usage to ensure access for all who are taking classes. First, we are contacting and enrolling students on the waiting list. If you are currently taking a Spring Forward Original Credit class in Odysseyware, you will have through Thursday, July 23, 2020 to take your final. If you are just now signing up, you will also have until July 23, 2020 to take your final.

Orientation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pJB8DVufHE2o_HVlIAfot4tDXxnY1Irn

Session: April 6-June 18th

Final exams: Under normal circumstances finals are done in-person at the Coldwater Academy and are scheduled during registration. During the school closure, finals will be taken online. Students will be informed by their teachers how finals will happen. Course completion and notes are still required to take the final.

Counselor notification is required. Upon submission of your registration form counselors are automatically notified. If you do not have their approval, you will be notified by your counselor.